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Our Specialists repair Cracked, Broken and Damaged Dashboards in Dubai

Do you want to drive your vehicle with broken or damaged Dashboard? Isn’t it like disturbing the entire drive quality? You will never be satisfied unless your dashboard is totally back in condition.  Auto Bodyshop Dubai is proud to handle restoration of broken, damaged and fully cracked dashboards with 100% success rate. We are dealing with Exotic, Japanese, American, German and all Luxury cars make and models. Out Dashboard repair specialists have extensive knowledge dealing with the interior appearance of your vehicle and make sure you get finest quality Dashboard repair services in Dubai.

We believe that Simple daily usage can cause your car’s interior damage or cracked. Removing stains and dirt marks, fixing the cracks and the damages will not only enhance the entire appearance of your car, but also increases its market value. We guarantee our Car Dashboard Repair services are up to the mark – no one can guess you just have repaired your dashboard ever. Reconditioning a car’s dashboard is an art for us and it will definitely contribute a lot to revive the resale value of your precious vehicle.

Let the experts handle the Dashboard problems

If you cannot find your brand in our brand list don’t worry pick up the phone and call us for details

We Deal in All Brands – Dashboard Repair or Replacement

Either you are searching Dashboard Repair near me for your exotic Ferrari, Lamborghini or any other car, we are at top of the list. Its not only we repair the cracked dashboards but provide dashboard replacement services across Dubai. Our Auto Body Workshop is following standard process during dashboard replacement, restoration and repair services. We always treat customers with loyalty, and never let them leave place until fully satisfied. Our Dashboard repair shop will provide you the exact cost estimate, required to fix it and we guarantee no one can our prices at all.

So, looking for a reliable service center for vinyl, plastic, leather and padded dashboards repair? Just give us a call. Our free pick up service is just designed for you.  For the first time in Dubai, we have set new standards of dashboard rattle repair and warped dashboard repair through free pick and drop service, along with free estimated. So, dashboard repair now days, is not a mess anymore – we completely take care and make sure you enjoy hassle free, top quality and prime standard dashboard repairing services in Dubai.

Our Car Dashboard Repair Process

  • Step-1

    Collision Estimate

    The point is to get an estimate for complete accident repair and vehicle restoration. Our Collision Service Center will provide a transparent estimate required to get your priceless vehicle back on road. We have highly trained estimators, performing a detailed inspection and quote the best price. We are confident no one can beat our quoted prices!

  • Step-2

    Vehicle Dis-Assembly

    Once the vehicle is at our auto body workshop, it normally takes on day to disassemble all affected areas. This is the right time to identify either your car has internal damages too or not.

  • Step-3

    Auto Body Repair

    In this step, we perform mechanical repair, electrical work, dashboard repair, upholstery services and other Auto Body Repairing to make sure your car looks one piece. We are blessed with the multi-talented and fully diversified workforce, ready to accept all major challenges and satisfy every customer through quality services.

  • Step-4

    Vehicle Paint

    Once your vehicle’s body is back in shape, we will hand over to the paint department for perfect auto body paint services. Either a small portion of your car’s body needs repainting or it’s about complete auto body paint, we have got you covered. You can’t spot a single minor crack or paint issues after our services.

  • Step-5

    Vehicle Reassembly

    After paint, your vehicle will move back to the original technician where they re-assemble the entire parts and restore its genuine posture.  Your vehicle again goes through a final fitting test and we inspect it through once again.

  • Step-6

    Test Drive

    At our Collision Repair Center, quality is our Priority, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! That’s why, we perform a test drive and never hand over the vehicle unless fully satisfied.

If you cannot find your brand in our brand list don’t worry pick up the phone and call us for details

Our company is fortunate to have the most experienced and expert auto body mechanics and technicians, taking care of your car like own. 

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