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Our Workshop Specializes Repairing Misaligned and Damaged Car Chassis in Dubai

When a vehicle gets into a crash, either its body, frame or suspension take a major impact, and get misaligned or broken. At Auto Bodyshop Dubai, we realize that no car owner can enjoy car’s top performance and driving stability with a broken, wrecked and damaged chassis. At our chassis repair workshop in Dubai, we are unconditionally committed to restore your vehicle’s misaligned chassis by offering industry’s best car frame repair services, helping owners to protect their investment. 

Restore your vehicle’s market value again with our chassis repair services. Our Auto Body Garage has been providing you Chassis Repair Service for many years and we are proud to ensure 100 % success rate.

Let the experts handle the Chassis problems

If you cannot find your brand in our brand list don’t worry pick up the phone and call us for details

Catch our Chassis Repair Dubai Success Stories

Our past experience and success stories speak our professionalism. Either you are looking for an estimated cost about chassis repair or just need a quick chassis maintenance service, we are here for your help. Our specialty is to restore the wrecked, misaligned, cracked, rusted and damaged chassis frame – we even fix the bents too. Our skilled technicians have vast knowledge in the chassis maintenance and repair

while we use high quality standardized process to ensure a win-win situation. Precision is everything when it comes to Japanese, Exotic, American, German and all Luxury Cars. At Chassis repair garage, our mechanics follow the best practices and take every project seriously – No job is small or big for us! So, no need to drive your vehicle a single mile after an accident- our chassis repair service center is offering pick up service free.

Chassis Repair Shop Near Me:

You might be finding the best chassis repair shop near me and glad you just find us. We are a leading auto body garage in Dubai which provide you all types of servicing facilities under one roof including chassis repair service, dent removal, accidental repair and all types of auto body services.


If you cannot find your brand in our brand list don’t worry pick up the phone and call us for details

Our company is fortunate to have the most experienced and expert auto body mechanics and technicians, taking care of your car like own. 

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