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Disinfect your Vehicle with our Car Detailing Services in Dubai

If you think you are traveling alone in your car, then you are wrong. Bacteria, germs, and infectious bodies are traveling along with you. Don’t you want to kick then out? Well our Auto and car detailing services Dubai is just designed to make sure your vehicle is completely disinfected. 

Welcome to Auto Body Shop Dubai – A Place where our car detailing experts will make sure to completely clean and disinfect your car, interior and exterior. Our car detailing service is not just to wash out the vehicle with water and shampoo. We have the right staff, modern tools, and use proven detergents to completely secure vehicles from germs! Meet our experts at Car Detailing Workshop.

Let the experts handle the Detailing problems

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Car Detailing Services in Dubai at Unbeatable Prices

Our Auto body shop is now offering customers with high graded and firs class car detailing service, at unbeaten prices and that is a great way to save your money. Our auto detailing experts have years of experience dealing with all models of cars and ensure a win-win situation always.

 Can you recognize your car after our detailing services? Well, you find its shine like the first day you buy it. Our  Auto Garage is also offering car denting and painting services in Dubai and making our auto body workshop as a leading one-stop auto body service providers in Dubai.

Our Process

  • Step-1


    Our first step involves complete car washing. We use top-quality washing tools and proven detergents to completely restore the car’s beauty. 

  • Step-2


    We will vacuum seats, headliners, and inner parts of the car. From the floor mats to the car dashboard inner parts, we complete passing the compressed air to make your car free of any germs

  • Step-3


    After vacuuming, we go for steam cleaning and that’s been a proven process to kick out all the germs from the vehicle in one shot

  • Step-4


    To leave the car to breathe in fragrance, we use quality perfumes to make its inner room smell like a deodorant

  • Step-5


    During the inner detailing, the car mostly get dried and if it’s still wet, we use the modern machines to make it dry completely. 

  • Step-6


    The last step is polishing. We use top quality material to polish your vehicle and actually, we can measure its glossy look and our state of the art car detailing services in Dubai.

Top Class Car Detailing Services Dubai with Guaranteed Results

You never need to worry about car detailing services as our expert technicians have years of hands-on experience to completely disinfect the vehicle.  For our Car detailing experts/technicians, its been art and they will meet you with guaranteed results at the end of the day. Auto Body Shop Dubai has all the necessary tools and equipment for interior and exterior Auto detailing within Dubai.


Interior Car Detailing

Our company knows all the advanced processes involved during all car interior detailing. The complete services include cleaning the inner parts of a the vehicle and try to attend those corners, left unattended. We complete making sure to disinfect interior cabin, the leather stuff over there, vinyl, fibers, and dashboard.

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Exterior Car Detailing

Our exterior car detailing focuses to clean the body of the vehicle and to restore the actual shine of the car. It involves proper vacuuming,  complete restoring, tires cleaning,  side mirrors and door windows cleaning, wheels polishing and even we among other visible components.

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If you cannot find your brand in our brand list don’t worry pick up the phone and call us for details

Our company is fortunate to have the most experienced and expert auto body mechanics and technicians, taking care of your car like own. 

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